What Advice Does Suzanne Somers Have About Going Through Menopause?


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Suzanne Somers advises that once women hit perimenopause, the time around which a woman begins transitioning to infertility, they should begin to eat healthier and exercise. Somers also argues that pollutants and toxins in the air and in a person’s house can cause a woman to begin perimenopause early.

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Perimenopause is typified by hot flashes, problems sleeping and moodiness. The onset of perimenopause is typically in a woman’s 40s, but it can begin earlier. Somers argues that early onset is due to environmental factors that are outside of our control. She argues that toxins have a negative impact on a woman’s body and cause her to experience menopause early. However, this can be countered through a healthy diet and staying away from cosmetics that can introduce toxins through the skin.

Somers also offers controversial advice by arguing that women should use hormone therapy as a means of countering perimenopause. Somers suggests that the hormones lost as a woman enters menopause should be replaced through natural supplements. However, while Somers argues that this elevates a woman’s mood, she is not a physician. Doctors warn against the use of hormone therapy, as it may actually elevate a woman’s chance of acquiring breast cancer.

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