What Are the Advantages of Using State Fair Wristbands?


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Different state fair wristbands have different advantages, but in most cases, they give unlimited access to all rides in the fair at a discounted price for a specific time. As of July 2015, each state fair has its own rules and regulations on how wristbands can be purchased and redeemed.

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State fairs are an annual recreational and competitive gathering of people of a state in the United States. State fairs usually include competitors or exhibit winners under different categories from smaller local county fairs.

The history of state fairs dates back to the 19th century. Initially, state fairs were a platform to promote state agriculture. They included display of farm products and competitions including exhibition of livestock. Over time, additions to state fairs have included display of industrial products, games, rides, concerts and automobile racing.

The first state fair in the United States was held in Syracuse, New York, in 1841. This fair, known as the Great New York State Fair, is still held every year over 12 days. As of 2015, the fair has numerous wristband vouchers, including one-day unlimited wristband vouchers that come with a ?Ride all day, every day? or ?Ride all day, any one day? offer. Specific details about wristbands for different fairs are available on the fair?s website.

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