What Are the Advantages of Purchasing an AMC Trailer?


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According to AMC, the advantages of buying advertising at its movie theaters include the increased impact of having trailers appear on the big screen and having an audience that is engaged. It also points out that, unlike television viewers, moviegoers cannot just change the channel.

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AMC also asserts that survey data show that ads on the big screen are better at capturing people's attention than in any other medium. The theater chain also makes the argument that digital advertising means lower production costs. Advertising at a movie theater also allows companies to target specific demographics based on what is being shown in the theater. Advertising company National CineMedia similarly touts the benefits of advertising to a movie audience, which is sitting in a dark room, its attention fully on the screen and without the distractions that might be found in the typical living room.

There are drawbacks to movie theater advertising, however. The ads are expensive, from the cost to produce them to the cost of actually having them shown. Also, movie audiences know that there are advertisements before the movie, and many might just take their time getting there so that they don't have to sit through the ads.

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