What Are the Advantages of a Pole Barn Style Home?


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Unlike stick-built structures that require a labor-intensive and restrictive process, pole barns only require post holes to secure vertical beams that hold all the load. This saves a substantial amount of money and time on concrete and excavation. Pole barns also have excellent structural stability.

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Wind and other such environmental forces push directly against stick-built structures that have load-bearing walls. On the other hand, because pole barns are embedded into the ground, they transmit much of the force to the earth. Using pole barns can make the difference between a pile of debris and a structure that remains intact during a rough storm.

Pole barns are easier and quicker than stick-built structures due to the fact that stick-built structures require entire construction crews and much more technical skill than a typical layman has. On the other hand, pole barn construction is quite simple and only requires a few tools to construct. In fact, a regular person could build one if they have a pole barn kit and the initiative.

Pole barns are very customizable and can be used with anything from a finished home to an open-air hangar. With the money saved from constructing a pole barn through a cheaper foundation, materials, equipment and labor, pole barns are the most economically savvy means of building a home.

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