What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Media in Today's Society?

advantages-disadvantages-media-today-s-society Credit: John Lamb/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Modern society has unprecedented access to information. Although broadcast and televised programming is nothing new, 24-hour access to the Internet allows people to read and post information, experience, questions and opinions to a willing audience of billions. So much more information at the public’s disposal and so little help parsing it for relevance often leaves consumers feeling overwhelmed.

In particular the social media have brought an immediacy to “news” that can be staggering if only in trying to find enough hours in the day to keep up on Facebook and Twitter. Because writers get immediate response to their posts, they are getting better feedback quicker. Their lives are in many ways more connected and visible.

Information overload is a very real concern. According to the article “Disadvantages of Media,” from The Research Pedia site, lack of aids for filtering information has become one of the biggest problems. There are too many ads. There’s too much vulgar or pornographic information instantly available without users’ overt consent. On the one hand, there’s news and information styled for all manner and walks of life. On the other, there’s almost no way to get away from bad information. As access to information through the media has increased, accuracy of reporting and reporting standards themselves have declined.