What Are Some Adult TV Shows?

What Are Some Adult TV Shows?

Examples of adult television shows include "Californication," "Shameless," "Weeds," "Mad Men" and "Dexter." "Californiacation" is one of the most loved adult TV shows as of 2015.

The main character in "Californication" is Hank Moody, played by David Duchovny. He is a well-known writer who lives in Los Angeles and is surrounded by people he loves such as his agent, his wife, his daughter and his ex-lover. These loved ones and his real-life experiences inspire the books that he writes.

"Shameless" is a Showtime TV series about Fiona Gallagher and how she tries to support her five siblings and take care of a drunk, dead-beat dad. This is a show that defines how family is family, no matter what.

"Weeds" is a show about a widowed mother who becomes a marijuana dealer so she can financially support her two sons. She starts out small-time, and as the show progresses she becomes a full-on drug queen. It has a plot that twists and turns with her sexy wiles and funny kids.

"Mad Men" is a series about how people lived in the 1960s and into the early 1970s. The main character, Don Draper, works in the advertising industry and has a lot of affairs.