How Do You Add Glitter to Wall Paint?

add-glitter-wall-paint Credit: Lumina Imaging/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Adding glitter to paint requires using the right kind of glitter to ensure an even mix throughout the paint and that the paint applies evenly to the wall according to Benjamin Moore Paints. Paint already infused with glitter is also available, creating the same effect with less hassle.

Pour a small amount of glitter into the paint can, and combine it with the paint using the mixing attachment on a power drill. Stop at frequent intervals to check the glitter level of the paint, adding more glitter until your achieve your desired look. Be sure to use glitter that is designed as a paint additive rather than craft glitter, which quickly sinks to the bottom of the can. Pour small amounts of paint at a time into a tray, applying it to the wall in even strokes.

To use glitter mixed with a clear coat, paint the room in your desired color, and let the base paint dry before pouring the mixture into a clean tray and applying it to the wall using a roller brush. Another option is to apply a premixed glitter finish to the walls after they're painted and dried. A final alternative is to purchase a glitter gun to project dry glitter onto the walls while the base paint is still wet. Apply another layer of paint when finished.

Choosing a glitter that is meant for paint is essential because it will mix well and stay on the wall. Crafting glitter tends to flake off once it dries and should be avoided.

It is important to mix glitter into paint evenly and in batches, taking care to add even amounts of glitter to each batch. Mixing one large batch may leave clumps and create an uneven shine and texture. After mixing, glitter should suspend freely inside the paint without clumping.