How Do You Add Channels to a Roku?

To add a channel to a Roku device, go to Roku's website,, and click on Browse Channels near the top of the page. After finding a channel, click the Add Channel button.

Adding a channel though Roku's website sends a message to the player to download the channel. Log in to the website before the channel downloads. Alternatively, add channels through the Roku device itself. The main screen on Roku devices links to the Channel Store, which categorizes channels according to content type. Some of the most popular channels, such as Netflix and Hulu, come installed on Roku devices.

Because Roku provides channels that require paid subscriptions, users may wish to set PINs for channel purchases. A PIN can prevent other family members, including young children, from purchasing paid channels without permission.

Roku is an open platform; anyone can create programming for it. Furthermore, users can unlock Roku players to work as development devices. To aid in development and testing, Roku supports private channels, which Roku does not recommend for most users. Adding a private channel requires logging in to the Roku website and clicking the Add a Private Channel button. After entering the a code the developer supplies, the channel should appear on the main Roku screen.