Which Actors Starred in "Private Practice"?

Which Actors Starred in "Private Practice"?

Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Strickland, Taye Diggs and Amy Brenneman star in "Private Practice." Tim Daly, Audra McDonald and Caterina Scorsone also star in the ensemble cast of the series. The show follows Addison Montgomery (Walsh) after she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital.

After her marriage with Derek Sheppard (on "Grey's Anatomy") ends for good, Addison moves to Los Angeles to join a private practice run by an old medical school friend (McDonald). After first being made to feel like an outsider, Addison eventually settles in and begins to build relationships with her coworkers. She finds love and heartbreak with Pete (Daly) and Sam (Diggs), although she ends up with neither of them.

Addison eventually finds her happiness, adopting a baby and getting married again. "Private Practice" follows the doctors at Seaside Health and Wellness.

Over the show's six seasons, Cooper (Adelstein) and Charlotte (Strickland) meet and start a family; Naomi (McDonald) and Sam figure out how to co-parent; Violet (Brenneman) struggles through PTSD, a love triangle and life as a mom; and Amelia (Scorsone) develops and deals with a severe drug addiction. Throughout the series, the characters experience great love, heartbreaking loss and incredible joy as they live and work as doctors and surgeons in Los Angeles.

After the series ended, Scorsone transferred to "Grey's Anatomy," reprising her role as Dr. Sheppard's sister.