Which Actors Found Work in TV Commercials Before Becoming Famous?

Which Actors Found Work in TV Commercials Before Becoming Famous?

Some famous actors who did early work in commercials include Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Fawcett, Jodie Foster and Stephen Colbert. Before they made it big, these stars appeared in commercials advertising everything from sunscreen to regional banks.

A young Lindsay Lohan initially had trouble winning roles even in commercials, and at an audition for a Duncan Hines ad, she vowed to give up acting if she didn’t get the part. The future “Mean Girls” star landed the role, however, assuring herself a future filled with both food commercials and Hollywood blockbusters.

Farah Fawcett’s first break came when a Hollywood publicist saw her photo in a magazine and convinced her to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. In the years before she starred in “Charlie’s Angels,” however, the future celebrity did commercials for Ultra Brite Toothpaste and Noxzema shaving cream.

Jodie Foster began her acting career as a child star, appearing as the Coppertone Girl in a number of ads. Foster went on to perform in commercials for a number of other products, including a spot alongside Henry Fonda for the vintage GAF Viewmaster toy.

Long before he hosted his own nightly talk show, Stephen Colbert was just another struggling comedian, appearing in commercials to get by. During the 1990s, a young Colbert appeared as the spokesperson for FirsTier Bank, a Nebraskan financial institution.