Who Are Some Actors on the BBC TV Series "Mrs Brown's Boys"?

Actors on the BBC television series "Mrs. Brown's Boys" include Brendan O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney and Eilish O'Carroll. Each actor also appeared in "Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie."

Brendan O'Carroll plays Agnes Brown. He created the character in his 1992 radio play, also called "Mrs. Brown's Boys." He then wrote several books starring Agnes Brown before starting a family theater company that produced plays with the character. He hired a woman to play Agnes, but she didn't show up, so O'Carroll dressed as a woman and took her place. He had four children with his first wife, Doreen O'Carroll.

Jennifer Gibney plays Cathy Brown, Agnes' daughter. She is married to Brendan O'Carroll. Gibney began acting professionally in 1996 after training at the Dublin Oscar Theatre School. She has also acted in the television show "Prosperity" and the film "Some Mother's Son." She was a contestant on "Strictly Come Dancing."

Eilish O'Carroll plays Winnie McGoogan, Agnes' best friend. She is Brendan O'Carroll's sister. She has also acted in "Mrs. Brown's Boys: The Original Series."

Other family members of Brendan O'Carroll who have appeared in "Mrs. Brown's Boys" include his son Danny and his daughter Fiona. Danny played Buster Brady and Fiona played Maria Brown. Brendan had two other sons, Eric and Brendan. However, Brendan died due to spina bifida when he was a few days old.