What Activities Take Place at the McCall Winter Carnival?

What Activities Take Place at the McCall Winter Carnival?

Annual activities at the McCall Winter Carnival include a snow sculpture contest, snowbike races, live concerts, parades and comedy shows. Vendors also sell a variety of food and merchandise at the fair.

Snow sculptures are a highlight of the McCall Winter Carnival. The sculptures are usually judged on the first day, but remain up for viewing during the rest of the fair. The Craft Faire, another major event, showcases handmade art and merchandise, most of which is available for purchase.

The Children's Torchlight Parade typically kicks off the opening ceremonies with fireworks on the first night. Glow sticks, lighted balloons and other lighted toys are provided to participants. Children can also make masks using feathers and glitter, which they can wear during the parade.

A hockey game between Boise State and the University of Idaho usually takes place at the Manchester Ice and Event Center. This event is known as the Black and Blue Rivalry. In addition, video game tournaments have become a part of the carnival in recent years. 2015 saw a "Grand Theft Auto 5" battle royale and "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" tournament.

Other events sometimes held at the fair include gold panning, snowshoe golf and a classic movie night.