What Are Some Activities at the Alabama National Fair in Montgomery?

Activities at the Alabama National Fair in Montgomery include concerts, shows, rides and competitions. The headliners of the 2015 fair included Cole Swindell, Anthony Hamilton and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The shows typically include livestock shows, circus shows and pig racing shows in addition to specialized shows that change every year. For example, the 2015 fair included shows called "K9s In Flight" and "Kachunga and the Alligator Show." Annual competitions at the fair include livestock, equestrian, flower, scarecrow, and giant pumpkin and watermelon competitions. Wade Shows presents the rides, including the Tornado, the Pharaoh's Fury, the Space Loop, the Vertigo Swings and the always-popular Merry-Go-Round.

To accommodate all of these activities, the Fair's facilities include two arenas, three barns and a coliseum, in addition to general grounds which are used for the outdoor activities, such as some of the livestock shows and all of the rides.

The Alabama National Fair occurs annually at the beginning of November. The Kiwanis Club of Montgomery hosts the fair. While the Fair is a fundraiser, the Kiwanis make it very affordable by offering specials and discounts on top of the already relatively low admissions prices. For example, in 2015 the Fair Admission price was just $12 per person, and the ticket included admission into whatever concert or main event was showing that night.