How Do You Activate HBO GO With an Apple TV?

To activate HBO GO with an Apple TV, you first need to launch the HBO GO APP on your Apple TV. Then go to the Settings tab and click on Activate Device. The following page gives you instructions and a code to enter on your computer.

After you've gotten your code, log onto your computer and navigate to Select the Apple TV option from the drop down menu. You need to know your TV provider and your login information so that you can enter in that information. Once you do this , an Activate Device screen appears, where you enter the code that is on your Apple TV screen; following this, click the Activate Device button. You may need to wait a few minutes, but a screen should appear that reads Success on both your computer and your Apple TV.

HBO offers HBO GO for free to any subscriber of HBO's premium service. With HBO GO, wherever you are, you have unlimited instant access to download movies, TV shows and more. The HBO GO app is available for most devices that connect to the Internet. Viewers have the availability to watch on phones, tablets and on some gaming networks.