How Do You Activate a Charter Cable Box?

How Do You Activate a Charter Cable Box?

To activate a Charter cable box as of 2015, visit, and enter either the primary account phone number or the Charter account number. Click next, and proceed through the activation process.

You must also enter your ZIP code on the activation site, regardless of whether you enter a phone number or account number. Once you activate the box, you are able to watch programs while the guide loads.

An alternative method is activating the cable box over the phone. Call Charter's activation number, and follow the automated prompts to activate the box. You must enter your phone number and account number for phone activations.

Customers in certain areas must perform a special phone activation using an alternate procedure. Instructions vary based on the customer's area and cable box.

Customers must connect the cable box to both the outlet and the TV, then power it on for 15 minutes before activating it. For standard-definition TVs, connection options include a coax connection or a composite connection. For high-definition TVs, connection options include a composite connection or an HDMI connection.

If there are multiple cable boxes, connect each to the appropriate TV before activation. The activation process activates all of the boxes at the same time.