How Do You Access for Live Programming?

As of September 2015, live programming is not available on However, video clips covering a variety of news topics can be viewed on the website. News articles covering current events can be also accessed from the homepage. Viewers can also see the Top Channel TV schedule and a list of its featured programming. Although the website’s main language is Albanian, it also has an English-language version.

Top Channel is an independent Albanian television network that broadcasts across Europe. The network is considered to have one of the highest viewerships among the Albanian audience. In 2009, Top Channel became the first Albanian network to start broadcasting high-definition programming. The network can be accessed in North America on Digit-Alb platforms through TV ALB and Shqip TV. Top Channel is also available through IPTV in Europe and North America.

Most of Top Channel's programming consists of pre-recorded shows. Some of the network’s talk shows focus on politics and current affairs. Other shows, such as “Big Brother,” provide a different type of entertainment on the network. Top Channel also features a variety of movies and documentaries. Educational shows are broadcasted in the form of game shows, such as “100 Million” and “Take the Time.”