How Do You Access Spoilers for Movie Endings?


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One way to access spoilers for movie endings is to go to a website such as The Movie Spoiler and search the database for the movie. Some other website that you can visit to find movie spoilers include Moviepooper, Movie Stinger, Spoiler TV, Spollywood and SpoilerFix.

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The Movie Spoiler features an index of around 1,000 movies as of 2015. The website has plot outlines for most of the movies, and it keeps up with the new films that come out in theaters. Additionally, users can contribute spoilers and plot outlines to expand the database and potentially win a reward.

Moviepooper began as a personal list of plots and features over 4,000 movie endings. The individual movie pages often provide links to YouTube trailers to give users a taste of the films. Moviepooper gives a list of seven reasons why its users opt to have movies spoiled, including to save $11 for a surprise ending to an otherwise awful movie. Another reason to investigate a spoiler is to check on a movie that you've already seen but can't quite remember.

In addition to spoiling movies, Movie Stinger also informs moviegoers about scenes that appear sometimes during or after the credits of films and video games.

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