How Do You Access Sid Roth Video Archives?

How Do You Access Sid Roth Video Archives?

The video archives of Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural!” television programs are available for free at This location provides access to videos from 2003-2004, 2006-2015 as well as information on various ways to view the videos.

Using the link shown above, visitors can search for video episodes in two ways, either by entering the name of a particular speaker/guest or by entering a specific topic. One can also browse through videos sorted by year. Once a particular video has been selected, it can be viewed using the Flash viewer or, if using an iPhone or iPad, simply by clicking to run the MP4 file. Sid Roth video products can also be accessed via YouTube’s “It’s Supernatural!” channel, and the “It’s Supernatural!” Network (ISN) television channel can be streamed for free from any web browser.

In addition to videos, since 2000, Roth has presented weekly radio (now online audio) programs as well. Originally titled “Messianic Vision,” the audio presentations now share the “It’s Supernatural!” name. These can be accessed via free MP3 files through Sid Roth’s website.

Raised in the Jewish faith, Roth spent his early 30s in a personal and religious crisis, separating from his wife and daughter and pursuing New Age spiritual teachings until experiencing a Christian conversion.

Declaring himself a Messianic Jew and renewing his marriage and family ties, Roth established his radio ministry in 1977 and has since expanded his outreach, particularly showcasing individuals who have experienced what they perceive as miracles, personal encounters with God and other supernatural events. Mainly, his teachings are aimed at enacting the edict in Romans 1:16 to “reach the Jews first,” seeking a wave of Jewish evangelicalism. However, Roth’s teachings have garnered mixed reception over the years, with some labeling him a “false teacher” or worse.