How Do You Access the Screen Guide to Basic Cable TV Listings?


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Check the remote of your television or your DVR for a "Guide" or "Menu" button, as that should bring up the cable listings for your local area. If the television or DVR is not working properly or does not have a guide feature, flip through the channels to locate a channel guide, as many cable providers have a channel that scrolls the current listings for all the networks and constantly updates itself.

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If you do not have or cannot find your remote control, get a universal remote that is compatible with your television or DVR and has a Guide button so you can access local listings, since most TVs will not access the guide without a remote command. Your DVR or cable box may have a Guide or Menu button on the front of it that allows you to get to the screen guide.

Modern smart TVs and DVRs rely on an Internet connection to keep their listings updated at all times. If your Internet or Wi-Fi connection is not working properly, your cable TV guide may not work either, showing out-of-date information or a lot of "To Be Announced" listings. Reset your modem or router if the guide is coming up, but it is not showing any listings. Reset your DVR as well to see if the system auto-updates. Troubleshoot your Internet connection if that does not work, and contact your local cable provider if you continue to have problems.

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