How Do You View and Access the Road Scholar Catalog?

Visitors to the Road Scholar website,, can receive a complementary Road Scholar catalog in the mail by signing up for a free online account. The website provides extensive information about the various Road Scholar programs and other content such as special offers, books and gift shop items.

To order a free catalog from, select which catalog or catalogs you want. The choices are North America, International and Adventures Afloat Cruises. Provide a postal address and other information such as phone number, birthdate and email address. Submit the information via a provided link on the website.

The mission of Road Scholar is to inspire adults to learn, discover and travel by offering adventures that include expert instructors and special access designed to stimulate discourse among people who consider learning to be a lifelong journey. Participants can engage in profound and behind-the-scenes learning experiences such as cultural excursions, study cruises, hiking and more.

The most popular programs include Adventures Afloat Cruises, which offers learning and exploring aboard ocean liners, riverboats and small ships; Independent City Discoveries, which includes hotel accommodations and expert-led urban field trips; and Grandparent Travel, which offers interactive learning experiences and field trips that can be shared by grandparents and grandchildren.