How Do You Access Netflix on Your Computer?

How Do You Access Netflix on Your Computer?

Netflix users can access their account by going to the Netflix website, logging in with their username and password and then installing the Netflix player plugin and selecting a streaming video to watch. This process allows users to order DVDs by mail or to watch streaming video online on an unlimited basis according to their interests and without a governing schedule.

Users with a Netflix account can access it via computer in a matter of seconds. Lost usernames and passwords can be recovered via email.

  1. Log in
  2. The first step in accessing Netflix is simply to log into an existing account. Accounts are accessed by going to the website and entering a username or email address along with a password. Lost or forgotten passwords and usernames can be recovered through email reminders.

  3. Download plug-in
  4. If the user has not yet installed the Netflix streaming plug-in, they may be prompted to install it. The process takes up minimal space and completes in just a few minutes, enabling the browser to view and stream video.

  5. Stream video
  6. The final step for users is to take advantage of the huge video library maintained on Netflix. This can be accessed and watched directly through any home computer with speakers or headphones and an Internet connection.