Which Academy Award Winning Films Are Available on Blu-Ray?

Which Academy Award Winning Films Are Available on Blu-Ray?

Finding Nemo, 12 Years a Slave, Almost Famous and A Beautiful Mind are examples of Academy Award winning movies that are available on blu-ray. The majority of modern Academy Award winning movies can be purchased in blu-ray format, as of 2015.

12 Years a Slave was produced in 2013 and directed by Steve McQueen. This movie is about a free black man from New York, named Solomon Northup. Solomon ends up getting abducted and sold into slavery. The screen play, based on Northup's true story, was written by John Ridley.

Almost Famous came out in Sept. 2000. Directed and written by Cameron Crowe, this films depicts the story of a high school boy who has an opportunity to write for the famous "Rolling Stone Magazine."

He joins a rising rock band on tour and writes about his adventures. Billy Crudip and Kate Hudson play the main characters.

Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly star in A Beautiful Mind. Crowe plays a brilliant mathematician who accepts a secret job in cryptography. His life develops negative qualities after this job appointment.

Finding Nemo is a Disney and Pixar animated film about a clown fish who tries to find his lost son. The main characters are voiced by Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres and Alexander Gould.