What Academic Qualifications Does Dr. David Eifrig Have?

What Academic Qualifications Does Dr. David Eifrig Have?

Dr. David Eifrig has two major qualifications, with the first being an MBA — Master of Business Administration — and the second a medical qualification, MD, obtained when Dr. Eifrig trained to become an ophthalmologist. Dr. Eifrig is well known in the business world, having written and edited a number of journals and magazines.

Retirement Millionaire, which offers monthly advice on attaining a millionaire lifestyle without earning the millions, is arguably one of the most well known of the publications Dr. Eifrig has worked on, although he has also been involved with both Retirement Trader and Income Intelligence.

Despite having retired from investments and business in general, Dr. Eifrig continues to write and offer advice about these areas, especially for older, retired and first-time investors.

During his business career, Dr. Eifrig worked for a number of major global investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, Yamaichi and Chase Manhattan.

Dr. Eifrig gained his medical qualification at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Medical School after moving on from Wall Street in the mid 1990s.

As a result of his unique mix of qualifications and experience, Dr. Eifrig continues to contribute articles and columns to a number of Web based magazines, with topics ranging from investment, finance and money management, to health and new medical developments.