What Are Some Absent Father Poems?


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Online poetry collections such as Poetry, Poem Hunter and Family Friend Poems are a helpful resource for reading poems about absent fathers. These websites offer a variety of poems, most of which are user-generated. These poems are typically from the perspective of a single mother or a child whose father is absent. Poems from the perspective of the father are less common.

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What Are Some Absent Father Poems?
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The Internet also provides access to a number of spoken word and slam poems that address absent fathers. Marshall Davis Jones is a slam poet who discusses his father's absence in his poem "Spelling Father," which is available to view on multiple poetry forums and video hosting sites. Many sites also feature a variety of slam and spoken word poems about single parenthood in which the speaker addresses the absent father.

Stories about absent fathers can be found in most bookstores, but poetry is more difficult to find. "The Absence Of My Father," by Lena Fields Arnold, is a book of poetry that was inspired by stories of absent fathers. Publications that address similar themes are also a valuable resource. Poems about abandonment, parenthood, the death of a loved one or growing up with a single parent may resonate with the same audience.

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