What Is ABC's "Revenge" About?

What Is ABC's "Revenge" About?

ABC's "Revenge" follows Amanda Clarke on her quest for revenge against those who framed her father for a crime. The series uses flashbacks to show Amanda's revenge origin story.

To lie and manipulate her way into the Hampton social life, Amanda hides her identity; she becomes Emily Thorne. Amanda moves back into her childhood home, next door to the Grayson family. Victoria and Conrad Grayson played major roles in the demise of her father, David Clarke. They used him as the scapegoat for a terrorist act that killed many people. They are Amanda's main enemies throughout the series.

In prison, David is murdered. Therefore, Amanda becomes an orphan, who spends the next few years in juvenile detention. Once released, she learns the truth about her father's innocence. Amanda makes it her mission to seek revenge. She trains, takes on her new identity and teams up with one of the few people who believed in her father's innocence: Nolan Ross.

As the series progresses, Emily gets revenge on many key players in her father's imprisonment and death. However, the Grayson family continues to escape full punishment for their crimes. Amanda achieves small acts of revenge on Victoria and Conrad, like alienating Victoria from her son Daniel and daughter Charlotte.

Eventually, Amanda exposes Conrad's part in framing David for an act of terrorism. However, she does not truly achieve revenge until the end of the series. "Revenge" aired from 2011 to 2015, lasting four seasons.