What Are Some Free 90th Birthday Poems?

Some free 90th birthday poems are "Aging Trick," by Tony Kessell, and "Hot Air," by Seb Rillian. "Wage Age" is another poem that talks about the celebrant's advanced age, and "Happy 90th Birthday" is a 90th birthday poem that sends the person celebrating special wishes for his birthday.

"Aging Trick" begins by saying that a 90th birthday is just another day, or it's something grand. Ninety years seems like a long time, the poem says, but the person celebrating the birthday can still stand up and chase others with his walking stick.

"Hot Air" says that the birthday person's words are wise, but half the time, the words are only "hot air." Similarly, "Wage Age" wishes that the person's earned wage is the same as his advanced age. "Happy 90th Birthday" sends the celebrant good wishes for his birthday and also for every day of his life. The poem also wishes the person blessings for years to come.