What Was the 2014 Film "Survivor" About?


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The 2014 film "Survivor" is about the last living human beings struggling to survive on a barren world after crash-landing there. On the barren world, they find murderous aliens and a second race of native warriors.

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The film begins with a crew searching space for an inhabitable planet. Kate Mitra (Danielle Chuchran) discovers a possible candidate. Captain Hunter (Kevin Sorbo) decides to send a scouting ship to the planet to ensure its viability. Both Hunter and Kate travel on the scouting ship through a wormhole when disaster strikes. The ship breaks apart, sending the crew barreling toward the barren wasteland.

As Hunter rounds up and organizes the survivors, a band of mutated, savage warriors ambushes them. Kate wakes up in a cave to find herself separated from her crew and trapped by flesh-eating cave creatures. She scales the faces of mountains, struggles to creates weapons and leaps from cliffs. Kate must outrun and outsmart hoards of blood-thirsty aliens and an enormous, mutated wolf creature.

She discovers that the alien hoards are coming for her friends and that only she can save them from being eaten alive. In order to save her crew, however, she must first learn to trust the mysterious masked inhabitants.

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