What Was the 2014 Film "Left Behind" About?


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The film "Left Behind" follows an airline pilot as he copes with the occurrence of the rapture, an end-times phenomenon expected by many evangelical Christians. As the rapture unfolds on-screen, children and believing Christian adults disappear into thin air. This causes driverless cars and airplanes to crash into obstacles.

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"Left Behind" also details the pilot's efforts to reunite with his college student daughter, Chloe, as the world is engulfed by rioting and civil disorder. The pilot is played by Nicholas Cage. 2014's "Left Behind" was a reboot of a 2000 film entitled "Left Behind: The Movie." Both movies are based on a best-selling, Christian-themed novel by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Besides Cage, the film's cast includes Jordin Sparks, Chad M. Murray and Nicky Whelan. Principal photography for "Left Behind" took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, commencing in August 2013. The film's wide theatrical release occurred in October 2014. The movie opened on 1,825 screens and earned $6.3 million, making it the sixth highest grossing U.S film that weekend.

On opening, "Left Behind" achieved modestly profitable box office returns. However, film critics were almost universally negative in their reviews. Despite its Christian religious leanings, the film received poor ratings from Christian reviewers at Christianity Today and ChristianMovie.com.

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