What Is the 2013 Film "Frozen" About?


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"Frozen" is the story of Anna and Elsa, daughters of a royal family in a fictional colonial-era country, and the struggles caused both internally and externally by Elsa's inborn magical talent for creating ice and snow which brings on an unending winter. Anna goes on a quest to end the winter and help the world accept her sister.

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The film depicts Anna and her older sister Elsa's childhood together. Elsa has a joyful young childhood but her passage into adolescence is complicated by her emerging magical talent. She is shut up in her room for years on end after injuring Anna accidentally with her magic.

Elsa, grown to adulthood, abandons her kingdom and causes an endless winter. A foreign prince, Hans, arrives to woo Anna. Anna sets out to bring her sister home and help her control her talent, and to end the supernatural winter. She is aided by Kristoff, a mountain tracker raised by trolls.

Anna sacrifices herself to save Elsa from Hans, who is revealed as treacherous and power-hungry. Elsa gains control over her powers and brings the endless winter to an end, restoring her kingdom. Anna and Kristoff pursue a romantic connection slowly and carefully, respectful of one another as individual humans with different needs.

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