What Is the 2012 Movie Rags About?


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"Rags" is a musical comedy film about a young orphan who encounters a pop superstar on the street. The movie is a modern day adaptation of "Cinderella," but with a male lead.

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"Rags" tells the story of Charlie Parker, a young man with musical ambition who lives with his mean stepfather and two spoiled stepbrothers. It also tells the story of Kadee Worth, a pop superstar for Majesty Records who is stuck with an overprotective father. Kadee is frustrated with singing songs other people have chosen instead of singing songs of her own. She begins writing her own music and soon comes across Charlie, who offers to help her write songs.

Charlie helps Kadee write music that's more true to her personality, and Kadee helps Charlie achieve his dreams of musical stardom. Over the course of the film the two become close and eventually fall in love. Conflict arises when Charlie records a song under the name "Rags," but his stepbrothers take credit for the song. Charlie's stepbrothers perform the song an at audition for Majesty Records in an attempt to prove their legitimacy. However, Kadee eventually discovers that Charlie is "Rags," and she kisses him. The film ends with Charlie and Kadee as boyfriend and girlfriend, as well as the stars of Majesty Records.

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