What Are the 15 Best and Underrated Horror Movies Available on Youtube for Free?

15 of the best, underrated horror films on YouTube include "All the Colors of the Dark," "Anatomy," "Chasing Sleep," "Deathwatch" and "Devil Times Five." Also among the top 15, according to About.com, are "Exhibit A" and "Frightmare." These movies are offered free to view on YouTube as of 2015.

Other free horror movies on YouTube ranked in the top 15 by About.com include "Hide and Creep," "Horrors of the Black Museum," "NetherBeast Incorporated," "The Nun" and "Red Mist." Rounding out the top 15 underrated horror movies that are free to view on YouTube are "The Sadist," "Severed: Forest of the Dead" and "Strangler of the Swamp." These films cover a wide breadth of horror sub-genres and feature both new and old productions.

"Strangler of the Swamp" came out in 1946 and is the oldest of the 15 movies. It is described as a classic, supernatural revenge film. The plot focuses on a ferryman who is unjustly hanged and comes back from the dead to exact his revenge on the locals. It was directed and written by Frank Wisbar and starred Rosemary La Planche and Robert Barrat.

The most recent of the films is "Exhibit A," which came out in 2010 in the United States. It was directed by Dom Rotheroe and starred Bradley Cole and Brittany Ashworth. The movie is shot in the "found-footage" style and follows the disintegration of a normal family.