Who Are the 10 Most Famous Authors in the World?

The top ten most famous authors in the world include William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner. Shakespeare is considered the most famous of all writers and is famous for works such as "Macbeth" and "Hamlet". He wrote during the Renaissance in England and primarily produced play scripts.

The second most famous author of all time is George Orwell, known for his thought-provoking works "Animal Farm" and "1984," which reflected fears of totalitarian and socialist governments. Third on this list is J.K. Rowling, whose Harry Potter books have won numerous awards for both their impressive prose style and imagination. In fourth, Kurt Vonnegut is known for introducing science fiction to a broader population while blending modern undertones into his work. His best-known work is "Slaughterhouse-Five."

Virginia Woolf comes in fifth on this list and is known for her works "To the Lighthouse," "A Room of One's Own," and "Mrs. Dalloway." Her works are popular among women and academics, who herald her as an early feminist writer. Ernest Hemingway is the sixth most famous writer, known for his works "A Farewell to Arms" and "The Sun Also Rises." William Faulkner's southern literature places him at seventh. At eighth, Ayn Rand is known for "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead." James Joyce comes in ninth for his work "Ulysses," while J.D. Salinger is ranked tenth for "Catcher in the Rye."