zircon in a sentence

Example sentences for zircon

Mineral sands, such as zircon, sit under a tarpaulin.
The ash contains minerals such as zircon that can be dated precisely from the radioactive decay of some of their components.
Illegal logging and gold and zircon mining are other threats.
Production of zirconium is from two ore minerals, zircon and baddeleyite.
Zircon, the principal ore material, was mined at many locations worldwide.
Zircon is used both for its properties as a mineral and as an ore of zirconium and hafnium.
U-Pb ages of zircon in sediments are used to determine the provenance of the sediments.
The source rocks for these zircon crystals have not yet been found.
Fixed-partial dentures fabricated of zircon-oxide ceramics were introduced in dentistry some time ago.
Hafnium and zirconium occur together in the ore mineral zircon.
Thirteen small zircon crystals were also separated from this sample.
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