zippy in a sentence

Example sentences for zippy

It consumes no gas, releases zero-emissions from its tailpipe, and has lots of high torque for a zippy pick-up on the road.
Battery-powered cars are zippy and responsive, and nearly silent without the rattle and roar of pistons.
Loading up our precious movie and music libraries was easy enough courtesy of the unit's zippy write speeds.
Other apps were noticeably zippy with loading as well.
Crappy low-light performance only partially forgiven by the camera's zippy flash.
Shallots, garlic and chiles as well as vegetables can give last night's stuffing a zippy makeover.
Nissan's zippy electric car should generate lots of buyers.
Vans, the sneaker maker, cozies up to teens by building zippy skateboard parks.
Darters are zippy little fish that swim along the bottom of streams or lake shallows in short bursts.
The graphic shows seven bottles squeezed into the quart zippy.
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