zippered in a sentence

Example sentences for zippered

He wore zippered cordovan boots, and they were highly polished.
He wore a tie-dyed shirt and a nylon zippered waist pouch.
Despite zippered top vents, the single walls sweated with condensation when the morning heated up in a hurry.
L-shaped zippered pockets on the outside allow easy access to your laptop and liquids baggie.
For exploring forests or ruins, pack mid-calf shorts, preferably with a removable zippered bottom half.
Keep pocketbooks zippered shut at all times and avoid drawing attention to large bills.
Try a money belt with a zippered compartment or a small cash pouch worn under the shirt.
Plastic zippered bags are handy for packing wet swimsuits after that last minute swim before leaving for the airport.
The sleeve is made of neoprene material with embroidered patch team logo and dual zippered closure on one end.
If you wear cuff links, pack those in a zippered suitcase compartment.
Instead, opt for a sturdy messenger-style bag with deep, zippered or latched pockets that you can wear across your body.
Place other toiletry items in the zippered inner compartment of the suitcase.
Features a zippered interior pocket and four exterior patch pockets to keep all of your small essentials neatly at hand.
Zippered handwarmer pockets secure valuables, and provide a cozy den for your paws.
Zippered, detachable waist pack holds your keys and personal items while you fly.
Zippered armholes give you convenient out of bag access for melting snow and sorting gear without leaving the comfort of your bag.
The zippered hood can be left open for additional ventilation or you can cinch things up with the one-hand pull cords.
Four heavy-duty nylon straps cross over the zippered compartment to protect the bag from rough handling.
It comes with a square zippered carrying case made of the same fabric.
Put marinade and chicken in zippered plastic bag or non-reactive bowl.
The foil bags are stored inside blue, zippered, nylon pouches.
Both are secured by zippered closures and have carry straps of nylon webbing.
On the kitchen table he found a zippered bag, which contained eight zip lock baggies of a white and brown powdery substance.
Batteries should be placed in a zippered plastic bag and placed on top of your recycling cart.
Pick up everything in the infested room, and put anything that you need to keep in a zippered plastic bag.
Each sneaker has a small zippered pocket on the side.
The sample submitted is a zippered artist portfolio which is manufactured of manmade textile materials.
Examples include, but are not limited to, the interior fabric of a hooded sweatshirt or a zippered cardigan.
Leave mattress cover and zippered pillow cover in place.
Features zippered storage for adjustable shoulder strap.
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