zipper in a sentence

Example sentences for zipper

Wrap the mattress in canvas and put a zipper down one side and along the bottom.
Outboard from the waterproof compartment is the laptop sleeve, which you access via a urethane-coated, heavy-duty side zipper.
Ideally you want the whitewater to scroll across the wave sequentially, evenly, the way a zipper unzips.
Zipper-sealed flap protects your gear from the elements.
Toss a few small zipper-top bags and some plastic grocery bags into your luggage.
Crisp calls its falafels handbag sandwiches for their eco-paper packaging, complete with clever zipper waists.
Until a few months ago, he had it stashed in a zipper-sealed plastic bag.
These are clothes meant to be crumpled-loose-fitting frocks with nary a zipper or buttonhole.
She hears him unbuckling his belt, and then the zipper coming down.
The zipper opened and closed in a flash, a perfect mechanism with which to secure a purse or jacket against high speeds.
He limped slightly but stood erect and carried a compact navy zipper bag with white trim.

Famous quotes containing the word zipper

I peer eagerly into every gap in a fence of a zipper.... more
I hear you were seen running through Portugal in used B.V.D.'s, chewing ground glass and collecting material for a story... more
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