zip code in a sentence

Example sentences for zip code

If you don't know the name of your library or library system, you can search by city or zip code.
Then it goes through by zip code and identifies which models work best in each neighborhood.
Enter your zip code to begin calculating your energy use.
Discuss with your friends all of the sounds that you think make your zip code unique.
Please enter your zip code for specific delivery options and prices where you live.
Decipher a scrawled form or the zip code on an envelope.
The shabby chic table opposite, for instance, is in my zip code range and seriously tempting.
Search by zip code for incentives and rebates in your area.
Then type in your zip code and see if a retailer close to you pops up.
Gardeners can register their zip code into the online map and their zone will pop up.
He remembers being shocked to learn that the quality of something as universal as education depended largely on one's zip code.
Yet researchers know that people living within one zip code can include the city's wealthiest and poorest residents.
When he did not have the zip code he apologized to his secretary for not looking it up himself.
To search a smaller area, the zip code could be used.
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