zealous in a sentence

Example sentences for zealous

Let us not punish these companies and there customers by over zealous regulation.
Zealous anti-nuclear lobbyists and a mal-informed government have created the pending energy crisis.
However, this should not be mistaken as an zealous and dogmatic certainty.
It should not seem strange then to zealous students, if some such people shall ridicule us also.
He was a zealous hunter who loved his guns and his dogs.
Zealous secrecy in response to a foreign threat is not new, of course.
In many ways, modern environmentalists remind people of cult members or zealous religious fanatics.
He also charges that tax inspectors are less zealous in the south of the country.
His more zealous volunteers yearned for clarion calls, not pentameter.
They are inspired by zealous organizations to monitor parental drinking.
Media representatives can become over-zealous in their coverage of departmental activities.
We dedicate ourselves to an environment of teamwork, camaraderie, and zealous defense of clients.
Venerated for his charity, he was zealous in making converts to the church.

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