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Resplendent with glimmering pools, they're yours for the entire day for the price of a single treatment.
The takeaway here is that the closer the seed company's climate is to yours, the more accurate the days-to-harvest will be.
Pick out a peach tree to lease for the year, and the fruit is yours.
If yours looks healthy, your only chore right now is fertilizing it to keep it strong.
What happens afterwards is your business and yours alone.
Here's a health to you and yours who have done such things for us and ours.
Brother, our seats were once large and yours were small.
If the recipient of your letter leaves her card on you, you in return leave yours on her.
The land is divided into many different watersheds, and this is your chance to find out which watershed is yours.
Learn from mistakes-whether they are yours or others'-and try not to repeat them in the future.
If the streets are full of people under umbrellas, yours fits in with the crowd.
Check the stories page to see if yours has been posted.
Because dogs pick up on our emotions, it's important to keep yours in check when dealing with your pooch.
Dishwashers are getting much more efficient, but that won't make much of a difference if you don't use yours properly.
His voice carried a slight my-detector-is-better-than-yours tone.
Never adopt a dog whose energy level is higher than yours.
Here are a few impressions of the country from our eyes to yours.
Point is, the only rating system that really matters at the end of the day is yours.
Purchase environmentally friendly laundry products and energy-efficient appliances when yours need replacing.
The blood may be yours-but the information it contains is not.
There isn't a doubt in your mind that the body you are looking at is yours.
Yours to you alone, mine to me alone, together a third superimposed more active occurrence for observation.
If you desire the end of your life, and take action to end it, that right is yours and yours alone.
It s there for your responsibility, and yours alone, to change your behaviour.
It's one interpretation, yours may be valid as well.
By the way, science can tell you how you know the dog on the couch is yours.
To prevent yours from being taken over by bacteria, you'll need to sterilize everything before you begin.
Yours, and the general public's fear of nuclear power is understandable given the rabid press these incidents entail.
If you think that so many pictures are going to be taken of this comet that yours can't be scientifically useful, think again.
Only the opinions that agree with yours are right and all others must be wrong.
If you are in a multifamily building, try a nearby address if yours doesn't show results.
Extra cash can come in handy especially if it's yours.
Wear yours with jeans and boots or add a splash to your accessories with a plaid purse or even patterned shoes.
My experience is a network, yours is whatever is calling you right now.
All these are yours if you successfully claim asylum in one of the world's wealthy countries.
It may mean making room for a rival whose political connections are better than yours.
In return, they bring you into their social circuit, and shower stardust on yours.
The brains of psychopaths are wired differently from yours and mine.
It also helps you make friends with other people whose interests match yours, a fact companies have been quick to exploit.
It's rivalrous: if a doctor is busy taking care of my cancer, he's not taking care of yours.
If you won't make some big changes, then you're wasting my time and yours in this course.
Reports can be used in different ways, and you should really know who will read yours and why.
Be prepared to talk about the work of others in your specific field and compare it with yours.
If yours is one of the meetings held in the late summer or early fall, you need to prepare now.
Yours probably won't be the first such letter that the search committee has received, but they're not a dime a dozen, either.
And the corollary to the bottom line is know what your job is, and don't do a job that isn't yours.
Although the head of a search committee will usually call to say the job is yours, a formal offer is not a telephone call.
Scan those lists and see if there's anyone you know, or anyone with a project similar to yours.
Obviously you want to show the connection between their work and yours.
What if s/he is fascinated by your subject when you talk about it and decide they can't live if they're not a major of yours.
But if you are choosing between colleges, money-yours and the college's-is an important consideration.
His or her success depends to a larger extent on yours, so he or she has a vested interest in how well you do.
There are a few peaks in an editor's life, and seeing those pictures of yours has been a peak of mine.
Every house has a big, pretty tree-except for yours, of course.
The world is what it is, and you have to explore it on its terms, not yours.
How knowing your neighbor's electric bill can help you to cut yours.
Throughout those dismal months, my soul sat slumped and lifeless but my body walked to yours.
But their obligations are not as urgent as yours and mine.
Your immediate neighbor is in the stationery business, and he feels gloomy about his prospects, less so about yours.
It is not yours and is probably more expensive than you can afford.
And, of course, my idea of entertaining might not be yours.
The data encoding these words was carried as pulses of light on its journey from my computer to yours.
But this is further proof that governments can not be trusted to spend yours, or my money efficiently to that end.
So if some external website is having a slow day, so will yours.
Yours is a rather superficial reason to oppose such a system.
Their reasoning was as flawed as yours though they are different.
But what gets me to the vomitorium is that faux romance between you and that cheesy ballroom-dancing partner of yours.
Sadly, she had only four vampire-friendly hours to spend with yours truly.
If his or her taste and yours don't coincide, buy a piece or two to show your loyal support-but don't wear them.
Check the traffic court web site to determine if you can pay yours now.
If one wishes others to drop their beliefs and take up yours you are going about the wrong way.
It's easy to gamble with the lives of others when yours shares not one iota of that risk.
Many of you seem legitimately offended over the subject matter, and blindly oppose views that contradict yours.
Then, as you start to narrow down your career paths of interest, keep an eye out for people with backgrounds similar to yours.
It is incredibly self-centered to expect researchers to drop their own research and look at yours instead.
Encourage creativity in others, and yours grows proportionally.
Whatever degree of health is yours, be grateful: for breathing, eating and simple pleasures.
Stay synchronized and balanced, and abundance is yours.
When you remove it for your retirement, every penny will be yours.

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