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You can't choose your family, but you are free to select your friends.
Keeping your clothes clean uses the second-biggest amount of water in your house.
Stick to your goal, at least for the first couple days.
You can change your decisions about how to use your time.
You've been doing it for years and it's a big part of your daily routine.
Do your homework.
To prepare for your adventure, you'll need to do some planning.
DO apply to your dream school, even if it is a stretch.
Create your own outdoor fort with our step-by-step instructions for making your own backyard tipi.
Transform your garden space into a retreat with the soft sound of water.
Forget going overseas to fulfill your fixer-upper farmhouse fantasies.
Your complete guide to growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit in your backyard garden.
Make your own backyard adobe oven with our step-by-step pictures and directions.
It is also an automatic, silent, encrypted backup of your essentials.
Your doctor prescribes an intrusive, painful and costly treatment.
Vote now and help our online audience pick the best pIt's your turn.
Your good idea must also be well positioned, or review panels for grant agencies are unlikely to approve it.
All five of your senses play a part, some in entirely surprising ways.
We asked you to tell us what people don't get about your job.
We asked you to share stories about your job search.
The surprising intoxicant hidden in your spice rack.
They watch what sites you come in from, how long you stay on their site and what pages you visit during your stay.
The following are seven ways in which climate change affects you and your well-being.
At more and more restaurants you'll be ordering your meals on a tablet at your tabletop.
Machines that respond to your touch, motion or voice are making keyboards obsolete.
If you're trying to convince your boss to let you telecommute, you quickly run into a data problem.
All your senses have to be on high alert for your eyes to see the image you want to capture.
You've likely offended some readers with your honesty.
Because winning your fantasy football league is all that really matters.
You're driving down the road and realize your smartphone is missing.
Findings from a new study show that frequently switching your mind-set or focus uses a lot of self-control.
Places that will recycle your obsolete electronics-and they might even pay you for it.
If you're a typical consumer, your electronic mailbox has been sinking under a steady stream of offers from on-line merchants.
Reading stories can fine-tune your social skills by helping you better understand other human beings.
In addition to keeping you physically fit, exercise may protect your brain, according to a new study.
When you speak, sound energy spreads in the air around you and reaches your cochlea through your external ear by air conduction.
Psychological pressure can make you more attentive, improving your memory and ability to learn.
If you don't balance your energy input with your energy output, and the input exceeds the output, you will gain weight.
Your digestive tract churns, you can't keep your food down, and you feel exhausted.
The three methods your mind uses to reverse, speed, and even slow the minutes.
How a broken heart can really break your heart, violent games can ease your stress, and the lowest-stress job around.
The latest fitness fad has an unusual goal: bulking up the three pounds of mush between your ears.
It's bad enough that loud music can potentially harm your hearing.
That's walking dangerously-better slip on your flip-flops to avoid the cops.
New technology can make your mail, music, and photos nearly indestructible.
It can even see your heartbeat racing while you crouch behind the door.
The options for vegetarian tacos are as varied as your local produce department.
Judging from reader raves, they're your favorites, too.
When you tried to pick them up with your chopsticks, they wriggled up them nearly to your knuckle.
Stir in your minced tomatoes and basil and gild the lily with some more oil.
Several hours after you've built your fire, the oven will be the right temperature.
Slide your fingers underneath both sides of dough with your thumbs on top.
Look to your left into the kitchen as you place your order and you will see a big white mound of masa.
Your father's will appointed me your guardian, not your suitor.
Have a little cry and say your prayers: that will make you comfortable.
We whose voices you hear are your servants and shall obey all your commands with our utmost care and diligence.
Ordinarily in church if a friend happens to catch your eye, you smile, but never actually bow.
Don't forget your neck-it's a dead giveaway of your age.
Straighten up, square your shoulders, hold your head high.
We interrupt your scheduled recap to bring you a public-safety announcement.
Take your tiny fork and sort of move the oyster around in its liquid-filled half shell to make sure it's detached.
Actually, there's a pretty good chance your father didn't even know he had a dwarf actor.
If you wish wisely, your wishes may bring you great happiness.
Here's a way around the city's increasingly impossible real-estate market: build your own house.
Welcome to the monthly newsletter about your health-insurance problems, not ours.
There are no interest payments, and if you don't make all the payments you get your money back, minus a cancellation fee.
With your dominant hand, as quickly as you can, snap your fingers five times.
Each day at work, your computer is monitoring your every move.
Your ignorance continues by saying that the libraries cannot be checked during compile.
Unless you have your browser set to open links in a new tab you will lose your connection to the technology review web site.
Scientist have long believed that it is possible to create a white hole in your kitchen sink.
But wearing your biases on your sleeve doesn't mean you don't have them.
Your cell phone could soon tell your friends what you're buying and where.
Your service provider records the duration of your call and the number dialed.
If you subscribe to the print edition, you may also need to link your web site account to your print subscription.
These tips on driving more efficiently and maintaining your car will help you improve the fuel economy of your car or truck.
Your quality of life depends on knowing your options.
Find out how to renew your vehicle tabs and registration.
If you win the case and the judge issues a judgment in your favor, you can collect your judgment.
Get advice from her about the facts behind your body and ways to keep healthy.
Your original promissory note will identify your lender and/or guaranty agency.
As you plan for the future, you'll want to think about what your family would need if you should die now.
You've made the decision to sell your home this year.
You're not sure your new boyfriend is totally over his ex.

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