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We've found that the purples are deepest in color when harvested on the younger side, whereas the yellows mature into brightness.
While the adults mingle, let the younger set glue the pieces together.
It may be tempting to buy plants already in bloom, but younger ones perform better in the long run.
Everyone wants to know how to turn the younger crowd over at the gaming tables into the next generation of slot addicts.
The pioneers of pervasive computing aren't getting any younger.
Not surprisingly, the team found that the younger animals' neurons fired often during periods when there were no stimuli.
The study also found that the moon is younger than previously believed.
They say the fossils have been moved from their original resting places and redeposited in younger sediments.
They seem to lag in age next to the other stars with which they formed-appearing hotter, and thus younger and bluer.
If the disaster has a local impact, you can think about ways to help younger kids in your area.
The main cluster is at the center of the image, while the smaller, younger one is seen at lower right.
They leave behind only the queen bee and some younger bees.
It might be the hum of your computer, birds outside of your window, or younger brothers and sisters laughing.
Younger teachers are usually the first to be let go, even though seniority does not necessarily ensure quality.
So although old people tend to be less healthy than younger ones, their cheerfulness may help counteract their crumbliness.
In turn, more and more younger workers have dreamt of retiring even earlier.
Older employees cost more than younger workers so keeping them around adds to labour costs.
Macroeconomic theory suggests that the economies of ageing populations are likely to grow more slowly than those of younger ones.
But it can make campaign literature less insulting to the voter, particularly the younger skeptic.
Younger respondents turned out to be worse at budgeting and basic arithmetic than older ones.
For better or worse, companies are already thinking younger.
It's so sad that the older generations affect the younger, who have yet to do anything.
Older societies may be less innovative and more risk-averse than younger ones.
But survey after survey finds that where employers have a choice, they prefer to hire younger workers.
Older pupils would fleece younger, less sophisticated ones to get hold of prized cards.
Older workers have lower rates of absenteeism and more experience than younger folk.
Addicts are getting younger and younger-which is not the case elsewhere.
Bemoaning the younger generation never goes out of style.
In my observation, younger guys grow beards to look older and more mature.
The younger kids certainly never lacked for attention.
The younger brain, on the left, shows more connectivity.
Studies show how adult brains can be rewired back to a younger state.
Older brains do not think as quickly as younger brains do.
Younger stars spin faster, driving a more vigorous magnetic field.
Relativity dictates that when he comes back, he is younger than his identical twin brother.
Certainly a rapidly growing younger spider requires a diet that differs from an elder.
Let me take you back to that day when you were much younger and for some reasons found yourselves behind a running car.
If the upgrade cycle is slow, families can hand down calculators from older kids to younger ones.
Younger talent takes back this year's festival from reunions and nostalgia bands.
He was offered a job in the family leather business, working under his two younger brothers.
We have really liked that a younger audience is using the app to capture modern history.
It can be difficult to recall the mindset of our younger selves when dinosaurs seemed bigger, toothier and more monstrous.
The collectors represent different generations and show how the impulse to collect continues today among a younger generation.
The older one has been through fire and back, the younger one can't stay out of trouble.
The stars are younger, as are the audiences seeing them.
Living there were the unmarried sons and daughters, aunts and uncles younger than my parents.
In his younger, slimmer days my uncle had learned the quahaugs' habits.
But the metal degrades over time, and particularly in younger patients, it may eventually have to be replaced.
It's a yellowed husk of its pristine-white former self, tragically hefty-looking next to its slimmer, silver younger sibling.
Kids younger than five or six tend to watch media in short spurts, rather than processing entire stories.
Educate younger generation properly so that they will think logically and mathematically.
All this game play is likely to influence younger users' expectations for their other computing experiences.
The challenge is to bring younger generations into this shrinking but strongly committed cohort.
There was little of the carefree style that marked his younger days-if a twenty-three-year-old can have younger days.
He was an important influence for established photographers and younger artists alike.
The critical task is necessarily comparative, and younger people do not truly know what is new.
The younger and edgier you are, the angrier you are.
The regatta is limited to sailboat owners seventeen years of age or younger.
Their moves do not exactly mirror those of the younger couple.
He had always been appealing, even seductive, in the photos from his younger days.
Captive elephants die much younger than their wild counterparts, a new study reports.
But the younger particle physicists who did need recognition never received it.
In addition, plenty of younger brothers become monks rather than settle for being junior husbands.
When she was younger she talked all the time, and everywhere.
The younger one had been finishing up taking a shower.
While the bird's surgery may be used to help other arthritic cranes, younger, healthy captive birds need preventive care.
He had a good war record which enabled him to appear as the representative of the younger generation.
Unfortunately, the price of these collected reprints is often beyond the means of students and younger scholars.
One of the privileges of maturity and distinction in the world of letters is the power to bestow accolades on younger writers.
Kate's younger sister had suddenly become the unexpected second star of the show.
It worked so much better when he was younger, particularly his type of humor.
And it was a sign of dedication that she inspired in her friends, in her younger friends.
And orthopedic surgeons report they are under increasing pressure to offer ever more experimental surgery for younger athletes.

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