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Flexible-spending accounts are to personal finances what yoga is to your body.
The aim is for them to become fitter-activities range from yoga to martial arts-as well as slimmer.
There's excellent fly-fishing, hiking, and poolside yoga.
Yoga retreats are held here, and it's been written up all over the place.
Yoga if you're adventurous, it's great for both mind and body.
Short of quitting your job and moving permanently to a yoga retreat or a monastery, there is help out there.
And on the rooftop, a spa offers free yoga for guests, plus outdoor tubs overlooking the bay.
Buddhists are cool because they teach you how to relax and yoga is good for toning.
Pelicans perform strange-looking exercises to stretch and maintain their pouch in a brand of pelican yoga.
There are some people who are playing pretty much the yoga and others who are focusing on the strength training.
What sets this style of yoga apart from others is, of course, the heat.
But the employees felt better about bosses who exercised, whether it was yoga, cardio or weight lifting.
And you don't have to learn the elaborate bodily choreography involved, the way you might learn a complicated yoga position.
For example no one has ever exhorted me to go play the flute for charity, or use yoga to sent spiritual messages to the world.
We would wake up and do yoga, strength training, and then four hours of roller derby.
Formidably toned by yoga, her body is in superb shape, but despite her tanned skin and megawatt smile she looks fragile and wan.
They bought the property with a partner and renovated it to include rooms, a yoga studio and two restaurants.
She is also certified as a prenatal yoga and aerial yoga teacher.
Yoga can have a positive effect on your athletic performance.
He owns several health care companies and manufactures yoga equipment.
Yoga was for sincere, mantra-chanting people who liked to do tree poses in public.
Instead, they're fleeing to yoga, imitating flight in the downward-gazing contortion called the crow position.
Yoga practice, which involves rhythmic stretching movements and breathing, has been found to positively affect mood.
But for weight-training, yoga and other routines, visual cues can be much more helpful.
Practicing yoga or tai chi on a regular basis can reduce the frequency of your palpitations.
As luxury sinks in the recession, high-priced yoga props are hot.
But the upended positions that yoga required made her feel self-conscious.
The yoga instructor says living more simply relaxes us, as if the entire country needs to slow its breathing.
So many people are practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation.

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Depend upon it that, rude and careless as I am, I would fain practice the yoga faithfully.... more
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