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But the otherwise unremarkable experiment yielded an unexpected bonus.
The largest study of a tiger population has yielded a rare bit of good news for the highly endangered cats.
Tet was a historical anomaly: a battlefield defeat that ultimately yielded victory.
Last year's field yielded some impressive entries from teams around the globe and this year is sure to be more fun.
But the first three days of the war have already yielded some dramatic images.
Those that do succeed, however, have yielded more bloodshed lately.
So far, wall-climbing projects have yielded scampering robots, but haven't mimicked the results in humans.
In six or seven weeks the city yielded, though it was fully furnished for a siege of as many months.
We met you then, and if there was any thing yielded, it was for practical purposes.
Not all organisms have yielded to the external compulsion driving them to an ever further development.
Indians pit-roasted the bland bulbs with other leaves, and also boiled them, which yielded a good syrup.
Questions covering current events or practical activities yielded more promising results.
Yes, it's yielded human remains-including five females who may have been ritually sacrificed.
Each time he was caught only yielded six small feathers.
In other places, a political history and environment favoring such action have yielded similar results.
The caricature of the tweedy idealist has yielded to that of the number-obsessed marketer.
But that approach yielded a grand total of zero students after six weeks.
In the past, a prospective student's expression of interest might have yielded a packet of information in the mail a week later.
The result, the clarified meaning of the work, counted more than the execution that yielded it.
Several tax amnesties have yielded little in the way of deposits.
But whatever money the marriage yielded had now gone.
But forays beyond its core business into the burgeoning online market have yielded few profits.
The samples he took there last year yielded a surprise.
Since then, the talks have yielded no concrete agreement towards ending four decades of internal war.
The cut in benefits for lone parents was highly emotive, but it yielded tiny savings.
But in others, the owners felt genuinely aggrieved, sorry to lose fertile cropland that yielded as many as three harvests a year.
But with opposition parties siding with the protestors, the government yielded, agreeing to talks over phasing in the measure.
Various civil-liberties issues on the ballots also yielded mixed results.
Whatever its shortcomings, inflation targeting has yielded a reasonably stable macroeconomic environment for the past two decades.
The money yielded could probably be spent more productively elsewhere.
In addition, those countries with big financial centres were delighted to have them because of the tax revenues they yielded.
It has also yielded interesting cross-country comparisons.
Luckily, the strain that was disseminated yielded to standard drugs.
Neither tactic has yielded the all-important vascular network needed to sustain thicker tissues.
They have yielded a wealth of advances, including precision timepieces, unpickable locks and private suborbital joyrides.
The physical evidence is overwhelming, and witnesses have yielded damning testimony.
The remote area has yielded some remarkable discoveries.
In addition, the deposits that yielded the fossil indicate that this animal lived in a marine environment.
We do not yet know what makes some systems more adaptable than others, but research on complexity has yielded some clues.
Scientists present at the news conference agreed that animal testing has yielded some important medical breakthroughs.
So far the work has yielded few medical applications, although the insights have revolutionized biology research.
Examining the blood profiles of centenarians has also yielded tantalizing targets for further study.
Other tests involving stimuli that bored and annoyed subjects all yielded the same results.
The past two decades have yielded considerable evidence for sleep's pivotal role in memory consolidation.
In not finding the answer to a single question, new information is still yielded from the process.
All of us can feel and have felt this tug toward what is vile, and have yielded to it in varying degrees.
But beyond that, the truly exotic human modifications they considered yielded few practical possibilities.
But precision and quick turnaround aren't the only benefits his investments have yielded.
Suffice it to say that neither effort yielded a significant return.
Many an acerbic observer has noted that so far it has yielded little more than a personnel change in a military dictatorship.
With the demise of so much large-scale farming, even a normal rainy season would have yielded a staggering dropoff.
However, none of these inducements has yielded significant dividends.
The movement yielded its first significant fruit a year ago, when it held its founding convention.
The exploration of centuries past yielded vast slabs of land for its sponsors.
The second snap yielded the sharper image that's become famous, so a minute's attention was involved.
We lean toward him, seeking to learn more, only to find that his secrets will not be yielded up so easily.
There's no denying that its economic strategy has yielded remarkable results.
The sales yielded about twenty-five hundred dollars in all.
None of my scrutinizing has yielded a shred of insight into how he does what he does.
The strategy worked to perfection, and it yielded an impressive victory.
Clinical studies of this test have yielded mixed results.
However, because these studies have used different formulations and been limited in size, they have yielded mixed results.
So far, tests of the vaccine have yielded promising results in animals.
Her efforts have yielded a noninvasive test for cervical cancer that is already in human trials.
Brief requests for advice yielded pages of well-crafted counsel.
Over a dozen sites have yielded more than five hundred mummies, many of them finely preserved.
Obviously, this flimsily veiled form of taxation yielded substantial revenue in steady, predictable increments.
Although this line of research yielded some major insights, it had an obvious shortcoming.
It contained strata that had yielded bits of bone elsewhere in the area and outcrops that were accessible.
Less sophisticated simulators have already yielded a lot of information about drivers.
It is only in the past few decades that this strange body of water has yielded its mythology to actual research.
Comparison of the first two conditions yielded results consistent with the reciprocity principle.
But wide-field surveys of the sky have yielded surprises.
The result of such crosses over time, she thinks, yielded both annual teosinte and corn.
Instead, his experiment yielded an inky dark residue.
Yet hundreds of millions of dollars in research and dozens of clinical trials have yielded only dismal results.
However, repeated attempts over several months have yielded no joy.
He designed a series of experiments that yielded intriguing results.
Having yielded their secrets, they'll be stuck back into their old skeletons.
Petrological research of rocks from mountain belts has yielded countless pressure-temperature-time paths.
As you can see, modern cosmology has yielded a lot of hurdles for any up and coming particle theory to cross.
While some studies have yielded definite results, others beg for more research.
And that yielded a lot of collateral benefits for all of us.
Lawsuits were filed, which yielded further information.
In the end, the intense pressure yielded inventive results.
Years of public pressure had yielded some successes: the president was now limited to two terms by law.
If the scene hasn't yielded the moment yet, we'll stay quiet and wait.
He yielded seven hits and seven runs in four innings of work.
For years it has yielded the makings of a novel relaxation treatment.
Pieties centered on individual rights have yielded to pieties of collective purpose and national security.
The sponsorship strategy has yielded a few early successes.
Such carefully planned research yielded illuminating results.

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