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Example sentences for yesteryear

Many farmers, responding to consumer demand, are delving into the tomato's preindustrial past to find the flavors of yesteryear.
It's white and plastic, a sure-fire homage to the iPods of yesteryear.
First, the server crashes and scams of yesteryear have diminished.
The system almost guarantees that fresh capital goes to the losers of yesteryear.
The fat, the impulsive and the untidy are genetically normal, but they are equipped for yesteryear.
The best-known models of yesteryear often led rags-to-riches lives, courtesy of the rag trade.
Its showcases feature iconic images of the great liners of yesteryear.
Over the past several years, a community of developers and fans infatuated with the games and styles of yesteryear has developed.
Snapshots were a kind of social media: they were designed to be shared in the once-ubiquitous albums of yesteryear.
Recipes that call for a leaf of radicchio in the presentation are hauntingly reminiscent of the lettuce cups of yesteryear.
Get away with family or friends and enjoy an experience from yesteryear.
The suite of tools available to do this would amaze the ocean explorers of yesteryear.
The toys resemble traditional wooden toys of yesteryear.
Remember the yesteryear photos of kids building model aircraft in their bedrooms out of balsa wood and silk.
Edgewood is akin to many now-gone towns of yesteryear.
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