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Example sentences for yesterday

The dreams of yesterday are the realizations of today.
To hear how the limits of yesterday are only the beginnings of today.
Before long, yesterday's liberators became today's foes.
Yesterday's styles may be observed in the stables, today's in the drawing room.
Felt totally justified in buying three books yesterday.
Twenty-eight new planets have been discovered outside the solar system in the past year, scientists announced yesterday.
That, in short, was what a number of luminaries in the tech world addressed yesterday at.
But one of the wheels on his rickety vehicle came perilously loose yesterday.
She's eating and drinking, and yesterday, she laid an egg.
At the first meeting, which was held yesterday, the chair.
The recollection of the slight event with which the evening of yesterday ended is at once called up.
Yet only yesterday this was a tiny farm community with winding dirt roads where the kids walked to one-room schoolhouses.
Blackened dirt and ashen remains of the wooden posts that supported the structure are as vivid as a campfire put out yesterday.
It shows a lot of information but it may not show yesterday's snow slide or a bridge that was washed away.
But getting the first live pictures, which were released yesterday, was no accident.
The giant blast from the sun was observed through telescopes yesterday morning.
New observations provide direct evidence of lunar composition, scientists announced yesterday.
Thank you for taking time to speak with me yesterday about your department's hiring needs.
My first-year comp students had portfolios due yesterday.
Yesterday, one of my references contacted me to tell me they contacted him.
Yesterday's private employment report was good but not great, and it came in a little below expectations.
Yesterday's play was washed out entirely, and the forecast doesn't look promising for the rest of the week, either.
Two things happened to be yesterday, seemingly unrelated.
As you age you can't even remember what you had for breakfast yesterday.
Here's an interesting paper from yesterday's hep-th batch of abstracts.
It opened an investigation into personal genomics tests yesterday.
Of course, there are some who live with yesterday's wigs on their heads.
Yesterday, he left the car czar job after six months.

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