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Of those twenty years, fifteen have been in the area of hardscapes, segmental retaining walls and interlocking pavers.
Over the years, plans and preparations have been streamlined to accommodate tight schedules.
Many perennials will come back pretty reliably for several years in the same container.
Today it seems nearly as unspoiled as it was many years ago.
They started planting within days of moving in, eight years ago.
They are not long-lived, lasting from three to five years.
For years the steep canyon garden played host to weeds.
The past few years have been rough for many of the administrators who oversee college and university steam plants.
The number of major hurricanes has more than doubled in the last six years.
Over the past fifteen years, paleontologists have described more than twenty species of feathered dinosaurs.
Medicine today outdates much of the medicine of ten years ago, or five years, or one.
Humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years.
The lumbering beasts coexisted with the first humans for tens of thousands of years and then died off.
Ten years later it sold more of them than any other company in the world.
And yet, as recently as six years ago, the country was among the poorest in the world.
Many of the more enlightened aspects of our view of the physical city today trace back to those years.
When he did that in middle age, he gave the mice many more healthy years.
As the recipe cross-tester, he spent four years troubleshooting recipes prior to their publication.
These books would not have been published ten years ago.
But sometime in the last few years, that began to change.
He loves, loves, loves rhubarb and it seems cruel to make him live without it two years in a row.
He'll probably muddle through seven more years of partisan acrimony, small-bore achievements, and bitter disappointment.
And feeling connected can make you feel better and add years to your life.
Even the warden and corrections officers attest that for fourteen years she's been a model prisoner.
The next doubling, to four billion, took only forty-four years.
We have learned a lot in the years following their great discovery.
Implants may be commonplace in only a couple of years.
Perfecting the transplantation methods in animals will likely take another few years.
The systems can pay for themselves in less than two years, but the upfront cost is still too steep for many people.
The problem you have is that tables have been drawn up, but every few years they need to redraw them with technology changes.
People are writing about this record as your return to form, and in only five years.

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