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Biotechnologists are converting annual crops into perennial ones, eliminating the need for yearly planting.
Once they mature, the trees benefit from yearly pruning during dormancy.
Add controlled-release fertilizer to the mix at planting time and replenish it yearly.
Thirty performances are held yearly in formal concert, public service and workshop settings.
The yearly increase in population would more than likely overbalance the number transported.
The yearly ramp supper celebrates the first living thing to poke through the ground in spring and the end of a long, harsh winter.
In this context, an instructor is usually someone hired on a semester or yearly contract, often for many years.
Tenured faculty will no longer feel survivor's guilt because they too will be under the gun in yearly performance reviews.
It's one thing to run an annual fund, expect a slight decline in giving, and adjust your yearly goal accordingly.
These small particles go to blood circulation system and cause millions of deaths yearly globally.
If you do not see your physician yearly, you may die even with insurance.
Natural disasters occur yearly on all continents, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and turning millions into refugees.
Now go get a chart of yearly cloud coverage average and put that next to the first two.
Our bodies didn't evolve under conditions of daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly bathing.
Also, if one looks back far enough into the history of the river, one will see that it flooded yearly before the dam.
Put it on the moon, which is rich in silicon, then watch as your yearly take in energy increases without doing much of anything.
They predict decadal trends with climate models, not specific yearly totals.
But this higher yearly income did not translate into higher wealth.
It's a clean fuel source that is renewable yearly by snow and rainfall.
The government doesn't require him to work, though he might take a job to supplement his yearly stipend of rice.
Long-term yearly averages are nine or ten named storms, six hurricanes, and two intense hurricanes per year.
After the yearly harvest, millions of acres of farmland have no living plant cover.
Only a small portion of the yearly average can be traced to lake-effect or lake-enhanced snowfall.
Consumer sales of hybrids are headed for their third consecutive yearly decline.
Due to this lack of yearly variability, locations near the equator don't experience four seasons.
These are non-crystalline panels, and are decreasing in costs in the double digits yearly.
The best null hypothesis is a yearly systematic effect not yet excluded.
The scare propaganda gets weaker with each yearly double-digit premium hike.
Yes, he hates them so much he is trying to increase their yearly budget.
These nourish phytoplankton and drive yearly bursts in regional productivity.
Regardless of what side of the debate you're on, you should really be looking at the moving average not the yearly max.

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