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Not in my back yard complainers, should have all the gas stations in their area closed.
Our yard is a lot more open, and it also back up to a wide open area.
However, without the right tactics in place it is inevitable that your yard will become infested.
There was a house with a yard, and these together took up half an acre.
However, they are broadcasting their signal into my yard without my request or permission.
But moving the railway yard to another community, and thus polluting it, is not the answer.
The corners of many housing plots serve as a kind of knacker's yard for lamed vehicles.
If you ask them to raise taxes by an inch to cut government by a yard, they will still say no.
At a time when technologies no larger than dust motes are reshaping the planet, this strange wrecking yard is morbidly compelling.
Teaching kids is good because insects are good for the garden and your yard.
Despite the audience, she took a long walk around the entire perimeter of her yard, sniffing along the way.
If those leaves happen to be in someone's yard or a public place, they are usually picked up.
When he got to our yard, our two dogs would get excited and bark furiously.
The only way in or out of the yard was through the house.
The other two of us were walking on garden paths in the yard, so on the ground itself, and they felt absolutely nothing at all.
During the day other students surround him in the school yard and shove him around until he collapses, bloodied and soiled.
Imagine a law prohibiting a vegetable garden in your back yard but store bought produce is fine.
It was expensive to maintain and took up too much of the yard, she says, not allowing enough space for gardening.
Composting is the process of turning your food and yard scraps into rich, fertile organic matter that feeds your garden.
When a dog is constantly trying to run away, or escape your yard, it can mean the dog is bored or frustrated.
The attendees begin to dance around a tree in the center of the yard, moving faster and harder with the rising pulse of the beat.
The tea cloth may be a yard, a yard and a half, or two yards square.
Fold two opposite corners of a piece of cotton and wool flannel three-fourths yard long.
Use a square yard of cheese-cloth with opposite corners tied, if wire basket is not at hand.
In the station yard, after the evening train had gone, there was a heavy silence.
What's more, owners can bury the bags in the yard, so that they are undisturbed and out of the way.
My yard and everything is being torn up and still no proof.
The digester was in the back yard, connected to the house by a pipe.
Since the last generation the railroad yard has become as inaccessible as the fire station.
Summoned to deliver a pizza to a salvage yard, he is instead accosted and chloroformed by two lowlifes in ape masks.
If you stayed away from trouble for a year, your family could come and walk around the prison rec yard with you for a few hours.
For ethical poultry, a few expensive birds in the back yard isn't the answer.
Here the author takes us directly to the barn-yard and the kitchen-garden.
Dust devils puff around on the berm, and maple sprigs land in the yard with their white bellies up.
He looked around his yard for a candidate, but the only small birds in sight were the hummingbirds buzzing at his feeders.
When replacing yard fences, instead of building a wooden fence, opt for a living fence.
Soon the only place you'll be able to find a pair of traditional skis will be at a yard sale.
There is no intellectual equivalent of the hundred-yard dash.
She thinks it's in the yard of an abandoned house on their street.
In a box on the floor are some tear-gas shells that can be fired down into the yard should there be a riot.
When our ball rolled onto her property, she seized it and waddled into her back yard and pitched it into the quarry.
When he came to the door in the kitchen that leads to the back yard, he cajoled the soldiers into accompanying him.
Tall windows look out on a lush green yard, damp from the rain.
We were certain someone had been through the yard and stalked around looking for an intruder.
Some streams would average more than three salmon per square yard over their entire length.
The tower then settles into the resulting yard-long cavities.
These practices help the environment and can make your yard more attractive and enjoyable.

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