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The point is that this prejudice is based not on xenophobia-a fear of the unknown-but experience.
But xenophobia had long simmered in the city.
So much potential wasted by such obstinate narrow-minded xenophobia.
Extreme xenophobia and zero respect for human life do not give much room for negotiation.
It is responsible for rage, xenophobia, and basic survival fight-or-flight responses.
Instead of continuing our paths of paranoia and xenophobia we can learn to embrace our love and curiosity.
Fighting xenophobia is noble and important, but cultural competency has more concrete payoffs.
It seems that during times of war, xenophobia runs rampant and is accepted as a part of patriotism.
In the fourteenth century, a time of xenophobia, they were interested and curious.
Social conservatism is usually a function of xenophobia, limited education and limited world experience.
It mitigates xenophobia, invites diverse experience and induces an inevitable lack of ease.
But militarism, xenophobia and protectionism will remain beguiling options for any politician under pressure.
Protectionism and xenophobia should be fought wherever they spring up.
Xenophobia is on the rise, as is nostalgia for a time of stable families and solid values.
Even the junta's notorious xenophobia is rooted less in a desire for isolation than in an ingrained fear of invasion.
Though the concern about the carp is rooted in fact, there's also an element of xenophobia to the big public reaction to the fish.

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