wrong number in a sentence

Example sentences for wrong number

In fact, they were more surprised to see the wrong number of dolls than the right number, but different-looking ones.
Smart called into work with a dial phone on the sole of his shoe, and often got a wrong number.
If you fill out the forms incorrectly and/or send the wrong number of forms, they will be returned to you.
If the caller has reached a wrong number, be courteous.
It is possible to reach a wrong number or hear an announcement indicating that the number dialed is not in service.
Wait for the operator and explain that you want credit for a wrong number.
It is easy to type in the wrong number or transpose digits.
Responded saying they had the wrong number and then recognized the voice to be familiar.
After the recording period ends, callers who do not use the correct area code may reach a wrong number.

Famous quotes containing the word wrong number

Well, if I called the wrong number, why did you answer the phone?... more
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